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The products of our enterprise are always distinguished by high strength of welded parts, precision of processing, selection of metal quality to the specified physical and mechanical parameters of the products.

About the company

The small private enterprise 'Delta' was founded in 1991 in the city of Rozhishche, Volyn region, which began its work on the ruins of the Rozhishchesilmash plant. Bezverkhy Volodymyr Stepanovych, born in 1951, is the founder and permanent head of the enterprise. The enterprise is located in the city of Rozhishche, Volyn region (Ukraine), 20 km from the region. from the center of Lutsk, 120 km. from the Polish border (Yagodin), 80 km. from the crossing for passenger cars 'Ustylug' and 3 km. from the international autobahn.

From the first days of operation, the enterprise focused its work on the production of metal structures and metal processing. The team has made its way from the manufacture of simple products - containers and forged fences, through metal structures and non-standard equipment for forest managers, peat briquette and cement-slate factories, car factories, to unique shredding machines for the German company HAMMEL.


Production of metal structures of any complexity - development of drawings, design and production.

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  • phone/fax: +380 (3368) 2-14-74
  • Sale of equipment for pig farming: +38(050)3785811
  • 45100, Ukraine, Volyn region, Rozhishche, st. Selyanska 46

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